How to make voice chat sound like girl on ps4 girl

Which means someone is probably near I trap nope you just killed him he was nice tight to me hmm I didn't need more materials here I, thought I should've gone I should've got more wood well the promise you always have to jump in this game because you're gonna snipe someone gave, you from a far distance I.

Live with it alright reload reload let's go alright boys we let will relieve in the spawn with four. I my countdown and we're gonna see how much the number can go I'll see you guys when you subscribe your name pops up on the screen like my boy daddy Duncan so ladies gentleman I like the name.

If you had more into issues or maybe get resolved alright woods and Paul done one with the one to our tip thank you so much man, appreciate it take it yeah I take, the pump gather to know the reason I was hesitant to site haven't used the pump all day wait where are we going how much check over here I could go, check it I can go check for a.

Way 50 shield if you didn't know that so I don't want to get a gunfight, you have like let's say I let's say I got two let's say I got to a hundred health I lost all my shield then if I take mini shows only have 15 minutes yields whereas if.

The lost there I mess it up when he got away my base take a couple of the guys in court no I'm not doing that mom I'm we have team. Jump in I even die so many times because somebody shoot me right thanks right through yards Nick I'll take him in all some guys are, there held that ones like oh yeah we have stuff after school.

I do use two monitors you my extreme. For huh we're gonna stop there bro like that I worried that all donations if I want, hang a minute I always do us every game yo did we just a for 70, honey. Wear shorts right now me like long pajama pants but it's gonna be hot in here interesante in Jerusalem guys it's time to start I guess what.

With 88 health or ever so I'm gonna go in here and pray for a Medicaid or a mini shield or some slurp juice something of, that nature are you in front Super Bowl. In Illuminati shirt online I have that so my boyfriend we got in four kills already first game this stream let's get it man let's get it or as, some people say it's get it I gotta have any would really I think you're my game yeah probably streams I recently and you probably, one of them alright wasn't her shield over here I wanted if you love.

Button right now guys let's see that number flying up there. More choice of subscribers versus let me still get another scar that don't you I'm still on him up here as I get signed in the face. Where's where's my uh over here nice cheese guys we're. Is there's two guys here lovely not one guy there's two guys here that both them better be alright boys that just happened almost died.

A slug or something Horace car yeah I don't know boys I don't my plan of action yours that one's me coming from over there and I'm ready. Below yo guys we have I even realize we have that oh my god why'd I use him I'm trying to mess this up here and is not going good at, home but yeah we just have or guys thank you so much guys the goal.

Inch come on okay we have four, people left here I get sniped here missed donation yeah we're gonna later guys what I'm suicide no joke it's really not I was looking.

Let's get him in hopefully fingers crossed I dropped, down to lutely down wait okay don't you I forgot I USC its I kept gonna stop, going hey what's up man hey last one now just ps4 is the package upside up yep it is yeah Sullivan's guys hopefully after this game right here right now let's go, I guess we got over that, to win straight here for 70, when your guys yeah the goal is guys four hundred seventy thousand but I I guess the first goal is for sixty, four sixty nine nine hundred but then obviously main goal 44 17 hi what's up Cody alright yeah what's up Cody hey noonah Rini ordinations I need you have.

Thing you're scrapping yeah we did both ready you're gonna ask you with the elbaba I know I'm, just kidding let's give you on though why'd you pay money in a free. Even look pay like look at the circle at all we'll, make it over fine but like oh my goodness dudes alright guys first game this stream we.

One left here and go and get that guy's loot I think I'm about to my best bets gonna go left well my stuff though I want the grenade launcher all right we're good load. Maybe I'll and its are bad here I deserve to die come on what am i doing wait actually might be look at, this we're got is that it's over it's over so my guy here I lined it pretty bad um yeah everything here we go boys all right man ah let's go, over here wait there wasn't a sorrowful somewhere wasn't overdoing now oh yeah how do, you know you how do you know how many fact once you have guys there's a website down below in the description they'll tell you how many pack.

It's also rip — I don't have any materials oh man guys guys want. Screen until they're in the game just have white stream fibers and it's actually a, really idea hey a shotgun for once oh my goodness game semi-auto sniper which actually sucks they want you to think it's good that's.

Drink this Olivia sighs money like the main question right now you rigged the Ford surface or two not dreams. Streams every 10 minutes in the stream you a 10 pack ones you try do it. Guys get some Omar — the chat please that guys right there hold up I'm liking for my left though we got, a sniper probably shouldn't deal with that I definitely should not deal with this every guy no no definitely valet guys all right now.

Your name on the screen but stick around that guys we're going for three ones in a row you just won two, in a row obviously when we win the next one a three let's go I'm gonna blind my screen here just, so I don't I'm gonna realize donations I need to read all these donations but like I said guys when you subscribing and.

Back twelve convicted guys let's freakin go you guys are awesome oh my goodness news nine viewers that's an all-time high for this stream guys ladies and. Our great seniors are um conspiracy theory like Illuminati stuff so pretty cool I got second place I knew it, all right um I'm single person's entire game um do I want that bro oh my god l phone will stay with the telephone I, use our tuner wins I'll get that my hog in their famous Scottie invent I'm a senior so talk great all right already got everything guys almost weights you mister.

Honestly can come out whenever all right dude let's go my hair so slick right now but I need you I need, to get a haircut guys I need a haircut I'm so busy out on time, so I don't know demoscene keep my hair it is let's go I have this dream with navigation didn't send I hope it, did man hopefully just want to work I hope another gates are working guys regards so we have a list you.

Semi-auto socks alright let's read those nations here guys I. Though like I need a shot you need a shot in this game so that's not an option um left all right how it's, gonna work let's heal loose some other things um let's get.

I turn on the feature of give I guess so people can now give back coins which is kind of interesting I don't know the purpose of that, or why you'd.

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Health away what a geezer I'm gone I go there he's over there I don't want I don't want challenge right now right now. Dude I have my own game at 6:The console will play old classics and new originals and is set for a release.

Boom we're live we're back again ladies John with another brand-new livestream on the website which I upload each and every day how you guys doing today.

- back muncher welcome back another one you guys know the drill some more for tonight Battle Royale and hopefully this new many young comes out soon. Because I'm getting impatient because I'm excited for it but like I said guys.

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How to make voice chat sound like girl on ps4 girl
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